How to create the best flipbooks

FlexPaper Zine is a flip book software tailored to fit magazines, books, catalogs and other high quality print publications where you want to preserve the layout in your publication and provide a realistic and maximized viewing experience for your readers as they flip through your publications. The publishing software splits your PDF document into smaller parts and optimizes your online publication to speed up loading even with very large PDF documents.

The flip book software lets you recharge your PDFs with videos, images and create customizable web applications instantly on today's most popular devices.

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Features at a glance


Advanced e-reader

Accessible from any modern device such as the Apple iPad, the viewer supports the full set of features expected from a modern document viewer such as page turn effects, searching, highlighting and printing.

Stay in control

Don't give away control of how you price your flip book publication nor any of your user data. You are in full control over how and where you publish your own documents at all times.

Publish in minutes

We provide you with start-up scripts for PHP, Java and ASP.NET as well as access to our desktop publisher for both Mac and PC making publishing as easy as uploading a document.


Zoom, pinch and pan

Our latest version supports the full range of hand gestures on touch enabled screens and operating systems such as iPad/iOS and Android. Pan, zoom or pinch into the document.

Runs everywhere

The flip book software supports publishing documents in both HTML5, Flash and HTML to maximize the reach to your audience and optimizes the viewing experience to fit the reader's device.


Tweak the design until it's your own. Change background, panel colors and icons. Styles can be saved in our desktop publisher to later be re-edited and used again.


Maximum privacy

You are in full control over how your flip book documents are displayed and served. None of our servers are involved in the publishing process. You choose where and how you want to show and serve your documents.

Add videos and links

FlexPaper Zine supports adding videos, images or links anywhere you want in the flip book publication.
Resize and position your media right where you want them.

Track and Analyze

Enhance your statistics by collecting statistics from your PDF documents. Zine lets you track what your viewers are reading page by page by adding a Google Analytics tracking code.


Technical Features

✓  Compatible with all major mobile devices and platforms including iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android
✓  Reaches all browsers on all operating systems including IE 6 and IE 7 without reducing the user experience
✓  Cuts loading time for your visitors by allowing them to download one page at a time
✓  Allows you to publish your documents in HTML5 format using just a PDF file without any file conversion
✓  Lets you choose whether to use HTML5, HTML or Flash and gracefully degrades between the formats

Example flip book publications in HTML5