Examples of PDF Publications Published as HTML5

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Brochure Example

This example shows a brochure as a flip book using FlexPaper Zine with realistic 3D effects. FlexPaper Zine is tailored to deliver web publications for high quality PDF documents. It provides maximum browser coverage using a combination of technologies.

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Annual Report Example

This is an example from our newest version of our desktop publisher, which converts your PDF documents to editable HTML5 elements. The publisher can also reflow and preserve fonts, layout and style within your documents.

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Collaborative Annotations

Annotations in FlexPaper are marks and notes created on top of a document in order to give users the possibility to interact with the document while preserving the original document.

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Magazine Example

This example shows a magazine as a flip book using FlexPaper Zine in a different color setting. This example tracks mouse movements when zoomed in, this is a setting that can be changed in our desktop publisher.

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Classic Document Viewer

FlexPaper Classic is our original document viewer. It supports all major platforms and browsers through a combination of HTML5, HTML4 and Flash. The style of FlexPaper classic can be fully customized to blend in with your own design. This is an example of our classic viewer with a larger flat design.

Available in these packages:
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Protected flip book publication

Example of a password protected PDF flip book. The example is using content signing to protect its content.

Access the publication with password 'password'.

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Catalogue Example

This is an example of a catalgoue published using FlexPaper Zine, customized to fit its style. The following example shows a customization of the viewer to resemble the metro style look.

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CAD viewer example

FlexPaper 2.0.4 and newer versions features a viewing mode tailored for CAD drawings with a miniature overview which can be used to navigate and zoom the document.

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