Welcome to the FlexPaper Project. The open source web based document viewer.

FlexPaper Zine Screenshot

Publish large and reach all your visitors

FlexPaper Zine is made for magazines, catalogs and other high quality print publications where you want to preserve the original publication layout and provide a beautiful seamless viewing experience for your visitors as they flip through your publications.

This flip book software splits your publication into smaller parts for fast loading and publishes to HTML5, HTML4 and Flash so that you reach your entire audience. Choose to publish using your Mac, Windows PC or with our server side scripts (ASP.NET, PHP or JSP).


FlexPaper Reflow Screenshot

Reflow your PDF documents to fit any device and screen size

FlexPaper Elements focuses on publications where maximum readability is your primary objective. This product converts PDF documents into responsive web publications that are readable without zooming in and out of the document.

This document reader converts fonts, images and text formatting into web friendly formats and gives your documents optimal text and image sharpness on all devices and screens. This document viewer lets you take your PDF documents to the web in a web friendly format without compromising on functionality or style.


FlexPaper Annotations Screenshot

Annotate your pdf documents online

FlexPaper Classic gives you the ability to let your users collaborate within your pdf documents. The annotations in FlexPaper are created in a individual layer on top of the document. The annotations are saved separately in a database or in another medium of your choice, so that the original document is preserved. Annotate documents on iPad in HTML5 or choose between flash and HTML5 for the whole range of desktop browsers.


FlexPaper at a glance

Online pdf reader

The software supports the full set of features expected from a modern document viewer such as searching, highlighting and printing.

The perfect marriage

Choose to use any combination of HTML5, HTML4 and Adobe Flash to maximize device and browser coverage. You're in full control of what to use.

Stay in control

Want to run your publications self hosted? No problem. Stay in control and maintain full ownership over your publications. You are in control over how and where your publications are located at all times.


Publish Large

FlexPaper helps you split and optimize large publications so that you can let your visitors view them with minimum download waiting time.

Integrate in Minutes

We provide start-up scripts for PHP, Java and ASP.NET making configuration and publishing as easy as uploading a document.

Runs Everywhere

Our latest version supports the full range of hand gestures on touch enabled screens and operating systems such as iPad/iOS and Android.


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